Why do Solarclarity products not KIWA register?

Various relationships we received as to why the portfolio of solar modules and inverters which Solarclarity and supply its partners are not registered on www.registerzonneenergie.nl the commercial organization KIWA NV in Rijswijk.

Solarclarity has deliberately chosen not to register the products it sells by KIWA. We work only with reputable brands in the industry, all of which are frequently tested by major international independent certification agencies such as TÜV and VDE. Through these reviews ensures accredited SolarClarity sustainable quality of its products. The certificates which can be found on our website.

Solarclarity is therefore of the opinion that inclusion in the KIWA registry provides no added value. Some of the vendors included bankruptcy, which leads us to conclude that uptake no insight into this register indicates the quality of the panels. KIWA creates turmoil in the market, to promote its own services. Thus they damage the sector as a whole, and unwittingly its own integrity.

Further, with regard to the highly biased judgments of KIWA installed on the yield of solar (PV) systems, it is incorrect. The years of experience of Solarclarity shows the opposite.

Solarclarity pulls the professionalism of KIWA strongly questioned. It is a commercial company, which can not guarantee objectivity. We will provide our products also do not get certified in the register.

If you have further questions, please contact us at: marketing@solarclarity.nl.


Peter Desmet
Solarclarity BV