Solarclarity opt for German thoroughness with: Asola & K2 Systems

Solarclarity, PV wholesaler and retailer, announces two new vendors: Asola (PV panels) and K2 Systems (mounting).

Asola is a German developer and manufacturer of solar panels, roof integrated systems and “automotive” applications. Asola has a long history as a supplier to the auto industry, including with the solar roof for Fisker Karma. The car industry is a huge industry that quality sets for its suppliers.

The Asola solar panels Clarity also provides a European panel which meets the highest quality standards at a competitive price. The SolarClarity product portfolio has been expanded with the “Asola-Smart P250 / 60″ panel.

K2 Systems is an extension of the Solarclarity assortment of fasteners. K2 is a renowned German manufacturer of mounting systems for solar panels. The range includes systems for flat roofs, pitched roofs and free country setups. For the Dutch tile roofs K2 has developed the aluminum Cross Hook 2F.

Solarclarity offers products Asola and K2 systems now including through the new online Customer Portal: Besides rates, you can also find availability and technical characteristics of the products.