LG Solar Introduces New Monox NeON solar panels

LG Solar a division of LG Electronics, has recently expanded its Monox NeON solar portfolio. The latest model with high power modules have a peak power of 300 watts. Say goodbye to these new solar panels to the most efficient models in the world.

The N-type modules of the new Monox NeON contain sided cells with triple anti-reflective coating, which makes them very efficient and deliver better performance. Users benefit from the new technology of energy output per square meter.

The new Monox NeON modules are well suited for homeowners with roofs with a small footprint, reduced capacity or an unfavorable position relative to the sun.

Obviously users of larger systems can also benefit from the improved performance. Recently, for example, a Monox NeON installation of 100 kilowatts peak installed in Switzerland. In addition, laboratory tests have shown that the modules are highly reliable, but with a weight of 16.8 kg, the modules are also relatively light. Therefore, LG Electronics provides improved linear performance warranty of 25 years. The Monox NeON offers a guaranteed return of at least 98 percent after the first year and at least 81.2 percent after 25 years.

“LG has invested continuously in research, causing great strides have been made with our Monox NeON modules”, states Michael Harre, Vice President European Solar Business Group at LG Electronics. “We are pleased that we can offer our customers even more efficient modules. As a result, we contribute to an acceleration of the energy. ”