Save on your electric bill with Solar Energy

June 2017 – On Sunday, June 18th at 5 PM Solarclarity will be broadcasted at the television program ‘Doe maar duurzaam’, RTL Z.

Solar power in the Netherlands is developing fast. In 2016 over 2 million solar panels were installed. It’s time for households / companies with rooftop solar to take their energy systems to the next level. How this can be done, explains Peter Desmet of Solarclarity in this episode of ‘Doe maar Duurzaam’.

What:  Solarclarity at the Dutch Television show ‘Doe maar Duurzaam’
When: Sunday June 18th
Time:  5PM

Repetition of the program can be seen on:

Monday, June 19th, at 7.30 pm
Wednesday June 21st at 10.30
Friday June 23th at 13.05
Saturday, June  24th at 4.30 pm