Switch 2Solar

10 years leading in solar training

Switch 2Solar

10 years leading in solar training

The solar-branche changes all the time. Solarclarity offers the possibility to keep your solar knowledge and practical skills up-to-date by offering the training courses of our partner Switch2Solar.

Switch2Solar has a wide range of training courses (theory & practice). We are happy to advise you to find out which program suits you best!

View the range of solar courses and register directly via Switch2Solar.

Solars pecialist

Training with diploma

Switch2Solar has been providing training in solar energy since 2009. With a focus on quality, knowledge and practical application. Do you want to become a certified solar specialist? Then view the degree programs with diploma.

Training with certificate

Naast opleidingen met diploma biedt Switch2Solar tientallen opleidingen met deelname certificaat.



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