Clean and Fair


Clean and fair

January 2021, there have been media reports of suspicions of the use of forced labor in the solar module value chain. This concerns Uyghurs who are involved in the extraction of silicon used in electronics and solar modules in the Chinese province of Xinjiang.
As an importer of solar modules from (among others) China, we are shocked by this report. We have been committed to promote clean and fair energy for twelve years and naturally we strive to distribute clean and fair products.

For this reason, our local Chinese purchasing support team regularly conducts inspections at our production locations. We also verify whether manufacturers can submit the relevant ISO and OHSAS certificates (ISO 14001 for environmental protection, OHSAS 18001 for “Organizational Health and Safety).

When these reports appeared for the first time in January we immediately contacted our suppliers. They all declare that these abuses do not occur in their production and supply chain.

In addition to all actions and controls that we do ourselves or in conjunction with our partners, the conditions in the integral solar supply chain have been analyzed since 2009 by the American organization “Silicon Valley Toxic Coalition”, SVTC. Every two years this organization publishes an extensive analysis that looks at a wide range of topics such as the use of forced labor, raw materials from conflict areas, emissions, water use, etc. For us, this is an important guiding document.

The brands Longi Solar and Trina Solar are both mentioned in the recent reports, but are not featured in Horizon Advisory’s research that originally reported on this issue. SVTC’s findings also contrast sharply with the reports. For example, the Trina Solar brand, which we have been distributing since 2014, has been in the top three of the SVTC ranking continuously since 2012.

As already stated, Solarclarity stands for clean and fair energy. We will always be committed to and endeavor to make this true.

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* At the time of this research, Longi was not yet producing solar modules on a large scale, only cells. Longi is therefore not yet included in this scorecard.