Which optimiser

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Choosing the right optimiser may seem tricky, but Ben knows. Watch the video below or follow the next steps.

Check the following points of the panel in relation to the desired optimiser:

  • Max. power of the panel – Max. power of the optimiser
  • Check Voc (open terminal voltage) panel - Max. input voltage of optimiser
  • MPP voltage of panel - MPP range of optimiser
  • Max. short circuit current (Isc) of panel - Max. input current of optimisers

Solar panels do not work on an individual level, but as a chain. It may happen that one panel generates less than the others, for example due to the shadow of a tree. SolarEdge works with one power optimiser per one or two panels, allowing panels to perform independently of each other. The advantage is that if one panel generates less due to shadow, the rest of the chain will still work.

SolarEdge has many types of optimisers and there are many types of panels. Installers regularly wonder which optimiser is best suited to the brand of panel they are using. Our inverter buyer Ben Bosma explains how, in four simple steps, you can find the right SolarEdge optimiser for the type of panel you are working with.