Charging stations

Charging stations

Charging points and charging stations

There are many varieties of charging points and charging stations with different functionalities.The charging stations we sell are suitable for any car and any power grid. As more and more people drive electric cars, demand is growing. Our charging stations make it possible to charge electric cars at home or at work, in single or three-phase. Most chargers are directly connected to the internet, so that consumption and electricity costs can be monitored.

In addition to the charging stations, the online shop also offers casings, posts, matching foundations, charging cables, ICU bagdes, ICU keychains, and Alfen upgrades, under 'accessories' and 'upgrades'. Simply order charging stations online in Solarclarity's online shop. Thanks to our large selection of charging systems, charging cables and accessories from brands such as Alfen, Fronius, Growatt and Easee, we can provide everything necessary to perfectly integrate a charging station to any household.

The brands we offer:


Norwegian, sustainably manufactured brand and one of the best-selling charging stations in Europe. This charger is suitable for residential and small business use. The charging unit automatically adapts to any electric car or grid. E-flux backoffice is optional, moreover this charging unit is easily configured and the Installer App for Android and iOS provides a nice overview. The charging unit is weather-resistant and has a high-level of security; IP54 degree of protection, 11 sensors and smart temperature reading.

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Alfen picture


Alfen is a Dutch brand. We have various 3-phase charging stations suitable for residential and commercial use. The loading stations have a dynamic load distribution, which makes it possible to charge several cars at the same time in a safe way. Good protection class (IP55), which makes the charging stations dust- and splashproof and therefore resistant to all weather conditions. The charging stations are SIMlock free and it is possible to use the E-flux back office, furthermore many upgrades are possible by purchasing separate licenses.


The Growatt AC chargers from the THOR line have an easy interface and versatile functions for monitoring, invoicing and communication.We have single phase and three-phase charging stations for business and residential use.A special function for this charging station is charging your EV with 100% renewable energy from excess solar energy from your PV system.The charging station can be easily operated via the App. The AC charging units are suitable for indoor and outdoor use thanks to the high degree of protection (IP65).

Growatt THOR
Fronius wattpilot


The Fronius Wattpilot is available in two versions: Wattpilot Home and the mobile Wattpilot Go.The Solar Wattpilot App makes it easy to operate the charging unit.It allows electric car owners to determine for themselves how to charge their vehicles.The charging units can be used in single phase or three-phase, for residential use.Moreover, the Wattpilot can be charged in a cost-efficient and sustainable way if you have solar modules and with a good degree of protection (IP54) it is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Need more information?

Looking for more information about charging stations? Solarclarity has partnered with its suppliers to offer a variety of webinars and trainings for installation technicians, covering all brands. Plus you can always count on extensive brand-independent support and maintenance from the Solarclarity support team. Not sure which charging station works best with your PV system? Please contact the Sales Team.