Put more power on your roof with the 450 All Black and 460 Black-white modules from Denim and Phono Solar

Nieuwe maat Denim en Phono Solar

Denim and Phono Solar, two top brands of solar modules in our range, both have a new size since January. They are only a few centimeters longer (from 1722 mm length to 1909 mm length), but have the same width as the lower powers: 1134 mm. Easy in your calculation and by choosing this new size, you will easily put 10% more Wp on your roof.

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5 improvements of the new micro-inverter of Enphase: IQ8PLUS

Enphase IQ8

Now availiable the Enphase IQ8PLUS in Solarclarity’s assortment. This is a microinverter system for all solar power systems also suitable for high-power modules. The IQ8 is the latest addition to the Enphase IQ series of microinverters, and it boasts several new features and improvements over its predecessors. Supports more types of solar modules on the…

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