Enterprising people

Our people are hard workers, enthusiastic, assertive and able to adjust to change effortlessly. A must in the dynamic energy market.

Ondernemende mensen

A single objective

Our mission is a human mission: we want to contribute towards counteracting the climate crisis. So that we can keep the world liveable for ourselves, but especially for future generations. Cost and efficiency are therefore not the leading factors. Though our people are, they are key. It's about adaptability, innovative thinking, collaboration. Core features for succeeding in the dynamic solar and energy market. Because they change every day. We then embrace other insights, new visions, or a different opinion. No shine without friction.

Our core values

These are our guiding principles. How we work, coach, steer. The foundation on which we take on people and develop ourselves.

We are forward-thinking

We strive for a cleaner energy supply, a better organisation, a better result, but also for more work pleasure.

We make a

What I do, matters. Everyone shares in the success and progress of the business and energy transition.

We are customer-oriented.

We listen to our customers, we know their sticking points and strive to overcome them.

We work together

Team work makes the dreamwork, right? Together we have more ideas, together we can achieve more, achieve it faster and, above all, better.

We keep it simple

We keep it simple for our customers, but also for our colleagues. We don't make things unnecessarily long or complex. We identify obstacles in the process and overcome them.

We are courageous

We adapt, we innovate, we set our own course and dare to be authentic.

Keep it simple, sunshine

If there's anything that shines out in all our organisations and brands, then it's simplicity. We simplify complex issues. For our customers, but also for ourselves and our colleagues. Because simple is more quickly embraced, and that creates a quicker bond. That doesn't mean that the process is simple. As long as the result is.

Mistake? Allowed.

Cliché, but we learn from mistakes. It's even a requirement for further growth, and to innovate. That also requires an open and safe work place. Then there is sufficient room for reflection, open discussions and connection. And this is also how we treat our customers, suppliers and other stakeholders. That creates energy.

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