Multiple organisations, one mission

Solarclarity Group consists of multiple businesses, all sharing the same mission: helping solar energy grow into the main source of electricity by 2032.

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Solarclarity: the group's pioneer

Founded in 2008, Solarclarity BV is the oldest business in the Group, which also consists of our labels Bliq and Denim. The wholesale business prepared the way for the other brands. When the energy market was still in its infancy, we were already pioneering a web shop offering a complete solar energy system. Hardly surprising that today we are operating internationally and that we are the leading online PV specialist. Always under the same motto: making solar simple. Because simple makes for quicker adoption. This notion also fuels our European expansion and the creation of other brands that now make up the Group.
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International player

We know our business

The DNA is simple

We have been around since 2008, have in-depth market expertise, and operate in Europe.

Charging stations, Denim's high-quality solar modules, or Bliq's smart energy management platform. We got it all.

We love to keep it simple. Whether you request information or you want to order a product, we keep it short, clean and clear. That comes in handy, when time is money.

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Bliq: the Group's energy transition guide

The energy market is no longer in its infancy. The market is full-grown and the use of solar energy has increased immensely. This impacts the electricity grid. Solar power has to be properly incorporated in the grid and well managed. That is why we launched Bliq: an energy management platform for monitoring and managing PV and battery systems. Solarclarity is all about generating solar power, of solar electricity, Bliq focuses on managing it . Like two peas in a pod.

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Solar modules? Simple, choose Denim

Solar power production? Check. An app for monitoring your energy consumption? Check. Why not supply solar modules as well? No sooner said than done. Denim has been part of the group since 2013. And how. This way, through  you as their installer, households can immediately check what they feed back to the grid using their Denim solar modules and the Bliq app.

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Get to know us

Our web shop offers all you need for every PV installation and the tools to configure your installation, but perhaps you would first like to contact one of our specialists before you request an account. Feel free to contact us at

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